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What's Included
By purchasing our PrevailRx Program , you can rest assured that you are working with a qualified weight loss specialist and that your medication will be sourced from a certified pharmacy in the United States.
Rx ConsultationDiscuss your treatment plan with one of our licensed doctors
Prevail MembershipConsultation and unlimited texting with a Certified Nutrition Coach
SuppliesAll medications and supplies are included, with no hidden fees
SupportOur well-trained medical staff are ready to answer your questions

PrevailRx – Custom Weight Loss Capsule

PrevailRx – Custom Weight Loss Capsule are using different FDA-approved compounds and medications a unique formula is designed and prescribed for you. We actually formulate and order a custom medication for you! With Dietdoc’s PrevailRx Custom weight loss capsules. Freedom to not only start a weight loss journey and  assist you in between. Best of all maintain the hard work you have accomplished and the journey to a healthier you!

Our Medical team of MD’s, DO’s, NP’s, Care Coordinators, and Health Coach all collaborate to prescribe a plan for you.

Our Health Coach designs a diet or meal plan that fits YOU and it is sent out after  a consultation with your Physician.

Once you have Prevailed, you are part of the family forever, we’ll get YOU set up with the right medication and hormone balancing to keep you young and healthy.


Why Does Prevail Work?

The combination of Medication or Medications that go into YOUR CUSTOMIZED CAPSULE  is chosen together with a Provider who is Specialized in weight loss.

  • Decreases cravings for salt and sugar
  • Decreases appetite, anxiety, control hunger
  • Lowers blood sugar, good for inflammation
  • Increases metabolism, Changes hunger cues
  • Changes in emotional eating, Changes in binge eating
  • Increasing energy can be good for depression


PrevailRx may be used at many stages during your journey to a healthier you!

  1. PrevailRx may also be used alone at anytime to reach your weight and health goal and is very much just one of our medical weight loss options.
  2. You may also are about 15lbs from your weight loss goal and have been on other weight loss medications to loose your weight. PrevailRx will be your tool to maintain your lifelong plan of health, happiness and longevity.
  3. You maybe on other weight loss medications and are struggling with cravings or are still hungry. PrevailRx is a great fit with Semaglutide, HCG and many other medications.
  4. You can add MIC, MIC/B12, Peptides and Anti-Aging products for a more youthful, healthier, happier you!


Available in All 50 States

Shipped right to your doorstep!

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