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HCG injections


FACT: Safe and legally compliant HCG is produced in the U.S. under standards set by the FDA. 

These are the only standards that protect you from risk of getting dangerous and unsafe HCG. 

Our Pharmacy meets or exceeds FDA standards and produces legally the HCG being providing to you at an FDA approved and licensed pharmacy facility that is ISO Certified. 

Be smart, be safe, be legal…

We now have a limited supply of 5,000iu vials for individuals in ID, MA, NM, NY, and WI, AK


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Vial length varies due to dosing (example: a 6,000iu vial will last 24-48 days)

Popular medicine used for hormone replacement therapy.

May control hunger, when combined with a VLC ketogenic diet it is our most accelerated fat loss program. The program can help get a jumpstart on weight loss, and help with weight loss when traditional calorie diets are progressing too slowly. Is a naturally occurring hormone, used in very low doses with minimal side effects.

Compounded in the US with a 48-96 hours turnaround time.

The 6,000IU and the 11,000IU vials are
Premixed with a stabilizer that allows up to a 6 month BUD once refrigerated.

If left outside of the fridge, the stabilizer allows for a 28 day BUD, this allows for much more flexibility.

At this time, the 5,000iu vials is not available in California

* Filled with a 3rd Party Compounding Pharmacy
* “Price covers medication, and full-service coaching”

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