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2 Semaglutide and 2 MIC Injections


Newly FDA-approved weight-loss medicine. Studies have demonstrated that Semaglutide reduced appetite, improved control of eating, and reduced food cravings in addition to improved glycemic control. The greatest weight loss benefits were observed when Semaglutide is used in combination with lifestyle changes, which Diet Doc will reinforce with the use of a weight loss coach and nutritionist.


  • *Supply is for 4 injections at one injection a week
  • The vial size is 2 mL while the dosing/concentration changes after the second month.
    A typical dose is 0.5mg/injection for months 1 and 2; 2.5mg/injection for months 3 and thereafter.


  • 5 injections a week, 4 week supply per vial

USP Guidelines require us to advise discarding after 28 days.

  • Not Available in AR, CA, MN, NC
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