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Oral HCG Tablets Kit

Lose Weight with Oral hCG Weight Loss Pills from MyDietDoc

hCG has many beneficial effects on the body and the way it responds to weight loss. When combined with a precise daily caloric intake, our hCG diet pills for weight loss have helped patients lose up to 1-2 pounds per day. The principal benefit of taking oral hCG supplements is that it boosts metabolism while working as an appetite suppressant. Our patients have reported hCG’s greatest benefit is their extreme lack of hunger. This is why following an hCG diet limits patients to 500 calories per day.

Taking our hCG tablets for weight loss helps boost and reset your body’s metabolism. When dieting without hCG your body usually feels tired, weak, or in starvation mode on a low-calorie diet. However, with MyDietDoc’s oral hCG tablets for weight loss, your body has a constant and steady supply of energy and a decreased appetite. Oral hCG tablets also help to drastically increase the loss of stubborn fat. The hormone naturally communicates to your body to utilize stored or trapped fat. Instead of being in starvation mode, your body naturally resets as your bloodstream is filled with nutrients and energy.

What is our hCG Diet?

Before beginning an hCG diet, you’ll need to follow our process and talk to one of our medical weight loss physicians to create a plan unique to your health and goals. Our individual hCG supplement diet plans have options for a 30 or 60-day plan. The diet consists of taking the supplements daily, consuming only 500 calories per day, while talking to our doctors and nutritionists about weight loss strategies. The diet plan usually consists of eating two meals a day, lunch and dinner. Meals should contain one lean protein, a vegetable, a piece of bread, and a fruit. Butter, oils, and sugars should be avoided during the course of this diet. Tea and coffee are allowed but its recommended to only add sugar substitutes to sweeten. Drink lots of water during the course of your diet plan to greatly increase health and benefits.

The Benefits of Taking hCG Pills as a Weight Loss Supplement

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or hCG, is a hormone found during pregnancy that is naturally excreted by the body. Combined with medical guidance and a strict low-calorie diet, it’s been shown to help rapidly lose weight. With the proper use and administration, hCG, is a powerful supplement that aids in the weight loss process, helping individuals reach their weight-loss goals more quickly and effectively.

Talk to Our Diet Doctors Today

Talk to one of our doctors who specialize in medical weight loss. Diet Doc has expert physicians and individualized weight loss plans specific to each person. Doctor consultation and approval is required for this medication in advance. We want to help you lose weight wherever you are and offer doctor consultation by video or phone. Our doctors will evaluate your unique characteristics in order to customize the maximum and most effective dosage of hCG supplements. During the course of your hCG diet, you will have unlimited access to our professional weight loss coaches, along with a nutritionist certified diet plan. We make it simple to buy your hCG pills online. After approval from our doctors, medication from FDA accredited facilities will be mailed by FedEx 3-day or overnight to get started on your weight loss goals as soon as possible. Begin balancing your metabolism, losing weight without losing muscle, and maximize your weight loss by beginning hCG weight loss pills with Diet Doc today!