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Fight diet burnout with constantly changing meals, flavors, and ingredients. We keep it fresh so you never get bored or hangry.



Enjoy exclusive recipes from chef Mario Limaduran



Easily hit your macronutrient goals (fat, protein, carbs) with lean protein, complex carbs, and veggies in each meal. All meats are 90% lean or greater, so you get more protein per calorie.



Get weight loss results with proven, science-backed meal plans. No gimmicks, no fads.

At DietDoc, we find it easiest to stay within your Macros if you order Protein from the Meal Plan Builder. This will give you an array of options to chose from. The best part is you can choose how many meals you want per day and for how many weeks. So if you only want to use Trifecta for 2 meals a day, you can do that!


See how Trifecta can help your meal plan!


Go Roam Free

Go Roam Free

Free Range Grass Fed Bison
Now you can enjoy truly free-range grass-fed bison that’s not only delicious and good for your body but regenerates our grassland at the same time. Go ahead… have your grass-fed bison, and eat it too!

Extremely lean, high protein, great tasting, and easy for diet plan! Go Roam Free raises the best Bison in the country that lived a happy and active life. This is why the cuts are always juicy and high in protein.

The Bison Jerky is also a great snack to add to your diet when you need a munch. If you are always busy, feel like you have no time to sit down, no problem. The Bison Jerky is a perfect addition to your day to ensure you hit your protein goals without worrying about carbs or fats.

See how Go Roam Free can add flavor to your meal plan!

Nutrifuel Meal Plans

For us, it’s not just a meal system. It’s about Fueling your Body for Optimal Health. For us, it is a lifestyle and a philosophy.

Fueling Your Body for Optimal Health: Meal products of the past were monotonous and boring. Our versatile products include numerous flavor profiles and textures. Make each day something different and try something new!

High-Quality Ingredients: We take pride in our labels and keep them as clean as possible. We eliminate artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and dyes whenever possible.

A Shift in Perspective: We know that a full meal replacement program is not sustainable for long-term use. Our programs and products were carefully crafted to serve as training wheels to build confidence to foster healthy habits for a lifetime.

The Nutrifuel® Meal System Starter Kit is anything but your typical weight loss plan. It is a jumpstart plan that provides structure and control, with the added variety to prevent burnout. We tap into your desire to gain control over your eating choices without feeling isolated from your friends and family. This empowering philosophy taps into the nutritional benefits of fresh foods while considering the traditional barriers to healthy eating: lack of time, cost, cooking skills, and taste. This journey, however, is not a single stop. Instead, it is one of a lifetime marked by powerful behavioral changes and successful strategies for a lifetime influence. Today, we begin your step in the right direction!

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