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    Growth hormone levels drop in the late teens, and in late adulthood, levels of growth hormone are typically less than half of what levels once were during early adulthood. Aging and declining growth hormone levels are phenomena associated with decreased muscle mass, increased fat, and other unfavorable health conditions.

    But with the help of Peptides from MyDietDoc, prescribed by doctors with countless successful weight loss stories, anyone can fight the effects of aging on weight. Raise your growth hormone levels with guidance from doctors at our weight loss clinic, then combine our medical assistance with diet and exercise. Watch your weight drop and your health soar!


    We're Specialized in

    • HCG – Suppress physical hunger
    • Semaglutide Injections – Decrease appetite and promotes fat loss
    • Semaglutide Oral –  Decrease appetite and promotes fat loss
    • Craving Control II – Suppress sugar/carbohydrate cravings
    • Amlexanox –  Regulates metabolism, reduce body fat and improve insulin sensitivity
    • MIC/Lipo – Increase metabolism & break down stubborn fat*
    Start losing weight
    • iPamorelin CJC-1295 – Wellness & Anti-Aging
    • Sermorelin – Wellness & Anti-Aging
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    • Semaglutide – Decrease appetite and promotes fat loss
    • Oxytocin – Suppress emotional eating
    • Craving Control II – Suppress sugar/carbohydrate cravings
    Quit cravings today
    • B12 – Increase energy & brain performance
    • MIC/B12 – Increase metabolism, energy, & brain performance
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    We’re committed to providing you with the best medical treatment every day!

    Price should not be a factor in determining your provider, if you find a lower price from a U.S. based competitor on an identical product, tell us and we’ll match it. Just complete your enrollment and let us know.

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