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How to Use MyDietDoc’s hCG Injections

hCG Diet Injection Instructions

Now that you’ve decided to use Your MyDietDoc will go over all the instructions necessary for proper usage, mixing, and administration of your hCG injections. However, you might find it hard to remember all the details. This guide will assist in your knowledge of how to use hCG, what the injection is, and its benefits.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or hCG, is a natural hormone found during pregnancy. However, the side effects of this hormone when on a restrictive diet lead to rapid weight loss. Injections of hCG have resulted in the greatest weight-loss results. You’ll begin to notice the benefits of your hCG injections as it will significantly reduce your hunger and regulate your metabolism. Use hCG for rapid weight loss in accordance with our doctor’s recommended dosage and duration. Every hCG injection kit is specific to your unique plan discussed with your doctor and will detail the directions for your specific use.

How to Mix and Use hCG Injections

Everything you need to have for how to take hCG injections properly will be included in your MyDietDoc kit. How to mix the hCG solution isn’t as complicated as you might imagine. Included in the kit will be your hCG in an ampoule, a syringe to assist in mixing and administration, a sterile vial for mixing, bacteriostatic water, and alcohol swabs. You will need to mix your hCG with bacteriostatic water in a sterile vial. All of these directions will be discussed with your doctor beforehand, ensuring you feel prepared throughout the whole process.

When mixing the hCG and bacteriostatic water you’ll want to make sure you are in a sterile environment, washing your hands and the surface thoroughly. Use an alcohol wipe to sterilize the top of each vial. The recommended amount of bacteriostatic water to be used during mixing will be discussed with you prior to the process and detailed instructions will be provided. Once you have mixed the hCG solution according to your unique dosage, it is important to keep it refrigerated. Don’t forget, our nutritional consultants and support are available any time questions arise.

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How to Administer the hCG Shot

Your MyDietDoc will inform you of how much hCG to inject using your syringe. Since the hCG injections are unique to your diet plan, dosages will vary and it’s important to follow instructions specific to the dosage the doctor has prescribed for you. For most people, the injection is the most intimidating part of the process. However, once you do it for your first time, you’ll realize the process isn’t painful and is easy to master.

Directions on where to inject the hCG shot will be provided. A flabby portion of your stomach is the recommended injection site. Find a spot to the left or right of your belly button. Simply, poke your skin lightly with the needle and push the plunger of the syringe slowly. If you feel a sting, its recommended to pull the needle slightly out or reposition into a fattier part of your stomach. Once you remove the needle, apply pressure to the injection site, and you’ve finished your hCG injection.

The benefits of hCG injections will drastically help you lose weight quickly. It’s important to follow your MyDietDoc’s recommended dose and usage instructions. We recommend using MyDietDoc’s brand of hCG injections for best results. Learning how to inject hCG is simple once you conquer your fear of the pain or process. As long as you are following your MyDietDoc’s instructions, you’ll notice it’s a far easier process than imagined. Constant support is available online if needed throughout your hCG injection process with MyDietDoc. If you have additional questions throughout your program, reach out to us seven days a week for support.

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