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Doctor consultation required. We do not sell prescriptions online.

The is a weight loss diet program in which each person receives a comprehensive medical review of their health history to make sure they are a good candidate for the diet. doctors are highly trained in weight loss and receive specialized training to understand how the body responds to losing weight and how to successfully help each person lose weight overall with various health issues. Patient progress is tracked in a legal, medical chart (web based electronic medical records system which is HIPAA compliant and secure). Results are figured by tracking the average daily weight loss for the patient population as a whole, consisting of 7,200 patients, which show 82% of dieters lost 15-20 pound the first month on average and 97% keeping the weight off long-term (longer than 6 months). customizes an individual diet plan along with the doctors recommending certain supplements and weight loss support products. When used in combination, and fulfilling the individualized, doctor designed weight loss plan along with keeping regular scheduled appointments (weekly), weight loss averages at 15-20 pounds during the first 30 days. If a patient does not follow the personalized diet plan, or misses regular doctor and nurse appointments, cannot predict weight loss will occur as it’s the combination of all services, products and appointments which helps people achieve rapid, safe weight loss.
People on certain medications might experience a weight loss slow down by as much as half the projected amount, or .50 pounds per day or 14 pounds per month. The doctors will qualify each person as a good candidate (or not) for the weight loss program, but as with any diet, it’s recommended that each person receive clearance from their primary care physician before starting any diet.

To keep weight off long term, recommends consuming no more than the recommended daily calories for that person’s body mass index (age, gender and height) along with physical activity, such as walking, yoga, or sports.

**By filling out the form on this site, you are giving permission to contact you via email and phone. provides weekly follow up calls from our weight loss coaches during the first 3 months of the program. During this time, expect an automated dialer to phone you, instructing you to press “1″ to speak to a weight loss coach if you are experiencing weight loss slowdowns, stalls or need to re-order product.

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