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hCG Frequently Asked Questions

MyDietDoc is here to assist you throughout your hCG weight-loss journey. We strive to make your weight-loss program unique to you, healthy, and affordable. In order to help with any questions that may arise, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions below. If you have any additional questions, please contact us for support seven days a week.

What is the hCG hormone?

The hormone hCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin –a natural hormone found in women during pregnancy. When combined with a strict diet regimen, the hormone has led to massive amounts of weight loss. hCG is produced naturally during pregnancy, where it helps to nourish the fetus. It has a variety of functions and medical uses, one specifically is weight loss.

What does hCG do?

Regular doses of hCG help the body release fat it would typically store. When using hCG, its unique property translates to your body to release exceptional fat deposits for use. When combined with a calorie-restricted diet, the body reverts to the available fat storage to use for energy and nourishment. Instead of holding on to stubborn fat, hCG helps fuel its use and ultimate loss from your body.

What is the hCG diet and how does it help to lose weight?

When hCG is used in conjunction with a customized diet, it leads to extensive weight loss. MyDietDoc’s hCG diet consists of taking a doctor-approved amount of hCG daily and restricting caloric intake for maximum weight-loss results. The hCG hormone is what decreases hunger, making it great for weight-loss.  The hormone works as an appetite suppressant and even on a restrictive diet, patients feel full and have increased energy. The hormones release of stored fat helps increase weight-loss in stubborn areas of the body and allows your body to use the once stored fat for fuel and energy.

Is the hCG diet healthy and safe for weight loss?

The hormone hCG is considered safe. MyDietDoc only provides an hCG prescription to patients after approval and consultation. An hCG diet is healthy when following our doctors’ directions and guidelines for proper usage and dosage. Our medical expertise and assistance are available at any time questions arise.

Are there any side effects of hCG?

Typical side effects of hCG are very positive including, quick weight-loss from stored fat, increased energy, better sleep, a decrease in appetite, and a general feeling of well-being. Very few people have reported negative side effects which could include leg cramping, slight headaches during the initial phase, and very rarely, hair thinning. When using hCG shots for weight loss, side effects are slim. If a stinging feeling occurs during administration, it’s recommended to pull the needle slightly out or reposition into a fattier portion of your stomach. Although uncommon, please contact your MyDietDoc should you experience any unusual side effects when taking hCG.

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