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About Our hCG Weight Loss Program

hCG is a diet supplement that when combined with a strict diet regime, leads to extreme weight loss. MyDietDoc provides online consultations with experienced weight-loss doctors to maximize the effectiveness of this rapid weight-loss diet. It’s important to be under a physician’s care during an hCG diet plan, making MyDietDoc the most convenient way to guide your efforts to fast results. We offer telemedicine consultations, making it effortless to begin hCG weight-loss therapy online from anywhere.

Medically licensed physicians will help create an hCG program specific to your weight-loss needs and help determine the maximum amount that’s beneficial for your weight-loss goals. Experienced doctors combined with ongoing certified nutritionist support make it easy to lose weight fast with a personalized hCG diet plan. Text our weight-loss coaches, who can answer tough questions in any situation you might encounter. Feel confident and supported as we work towards your goals together with a plan unique to you. Discover the benefits of hCG and talk to one of our doctors to find the program perfect for your weight-loss goals.

The MyDietDoc Weight Loss Process

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About Fast Weight Loss Diet with hCG

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or hCG, is a natural hormone found during pregnancy. However, the side effects of this hormone when on a restrictive diet lead to rapid weight loss. The hCG hormone has extensive effects on regulating metabolism and suppressing appetite. Specifically, patients state an extreme decrease in hunger while taking hCG supplements, making it a fast weight-loss diet. When combining an hCG program with a rigid low-calorie diet, patients may experience immediate results in weight loss each day. The benefits of the natural supplement along with support from your personal weight loss coach and licensed nutritionist, make it an easy weight-loss diet to follow.

hCG Benefits: Burn Fat, Maintain Muscle, Stabilize Metabolism

The hormone hCG allows patients to lose weight fast without losing muscle and simultaneously balances metabolism. Because of the hormone’s effectiveness at decreasing appetite, patients still feel full with fewer cravings. Using hCG supplements fuels massive amounts of weight loss as it reduces caloric intake and stabilizes metabolism. Unlike other low-calorie programs, the hCG program with MyDietDoc doesn’t make your metabolism drop.


Another benefit of hCG is its ability to continue burning fat while retaining muscle. This is rare, as during a strict diet plan muscle is one of the first things people lose. Yet, hCG helps you lose weight without losing muscle. Instead of being in starvation mode on a low-calorie diet, the hormone translates to your body to burn stubborn fat instead of your much-needed muscle. Therefore, patients report feeling energized with extra endurance, even when consuming fewer calories. Turn to hCG supplements to balance your metabolism, while allowing you to burn stubborn fat and keep muscle.

Programmed for Results

MyDietDoc offers plans specific to your weight-loss goals including a 30-day program and a 60-day program, centered around how much weight you want to lose. hCG can be administered by injection or tablet and is shipped directly to you from FDA accredited pharmacies. After talking with one of our experienced physicians, they help you determine the proper dosage and duration of your hCG diet. With tailored medical assistance, we make rapid weight-loss healthy with an hCG diet available online.

Our 30-day program assists patients in losing up to 15 pounds during the doctor supervised program. This program is perfect for short-term goals or patients that have less weight to lose. Our 60-day program benefits patients with larger goals and helps patients lose beyond the 30-day mark. The 60-day program helps patients lose upwards of 15 pounds with ongoing medical assistance and support. Schedule a time to talk to one of our experts to begin an hCG weight-loss plan that works for you.

The hCG supplements are offered in a tablet form or an hCG injection diet plan. Both ways of administering hCG lead to weight loss. Our doctors help patients decide which method is best for them. Additionally, both tablet and injection programs include a nutritionist-certified diet plan along with unlimited access to professional weight-loss coaches. Both programs require physician approval before beginning the hCG weight-loss program.

Begin your journey to rapid weight loss now with an online consultation with one of our doctors. Once approved, a customized dosage of hCG will be shipped directly to your door. Our ongoing counseling, nutritionist-built diet plans, and weight-loss coaches keep you on track to your goals throughout the duration of the program. Get started with one of our hCG weight-loss programs today!


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