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MYDIETDOC with Real Results

  • Doctor supervised program
  • Rapid weight loss made healthy
  • Customized hCG dosing
  • Jump start metabolism, burn fat, and maintain lean muscle
  • Weight loss coaches available 7 days a week
30 day program

30-Day Program

The MYDIETDOC 30-day weight loss program prescribed by your doctor aims to help you lose up to 15 pounds in just 30 days with tailored medical assistance. Keep your energy and motivation maxed as you approach your rapid weight loss journey alongside disciplined and healthy habits.

60 day program

60-Day Program

The MYDIETDOC 60-day weight loss program prescribed by your doctor breaks the 15-pound boundary of our 30-day program to help you continue quick weight loss well after you have passed the 30-day mark.


Losing Weight Fast Is Easier than You Think

Growth hormone levels drop in the late teens, and in late adulthood, levels of growth hormone are typically less than half of what levels once were during early adulthood. Aging and declining growth hormone levels are phenomena associated with decreased muscle mass, increased fat, and other unfavorable health conditions.

But with the help of hCG from MYDIETDOC, prescribed by doctors with countless successful weight loss stories, anyone can fight the effects of aging on weight. Raise your growth hormone levels with guidance from doctors at our weight loss clinic, then combine our medical assistance with diet and exercise. Watch your weight drop and your health soar!

Private and Reliable Lab Testing Get your lab work done for a fraction of the normal cost.

Order labs al la carte or choose from full testing panels. In-home tests kits are also available that utilize the over 8000 LabCorp locations we trust.

- Results are not reported to your health insurance
- HIPPA compliant & strictly confidential
- Price-match guarantee
- Save up to 90% off walk-in pricing
- Charm patient portal for secure access to reports

Private reports and top-notch labs enable safe, in-home lab testing at your convenience.

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